Don't take our word for it! What other's have said about Lewisham Osteopathy:

"I have been having osteopathy with Sue since May 2012 when I suffered from a frozen shoulder and torn tendons. After regular treatments for this condition during May/June 2012, I was able to return to work in early July. After I returned to work, after only 5 weeks' absence, i found out that a frozen shoulder can take six to 18 months to heal! Thanks to Sue's intervention I was able to return to work much earlier than is usual and my shoulder is now back to normal. I still see Sire about every two months to ensure that I do not suffer from another frozen shoulder again. Sue also fives me a general check up every time I visit her for treatment. I have only the highest praise for Sue and give her my full recommendation."


Mrs F Moran


"I had an attack of sciatica and went to my GP who gave me pain killers, but after some weeks it was no better and I was sent for an x-ray which showed wear and tear to the lower spine. I was told I would simply have to live with it, keep taking pain killers and not be able to walk very far without a stick. I then thought seeing an osteopath, and chose Sue as she was local to me. My first appointment was very thorough, she explained the x-ray report to me, treatment started and she recommended exercises. Now after only six weeks I can walk without a stick easily and have been able to run to catch a bus. I have no need to go back again now. I am 75 and have arthritis so may need to go back in the future as there is no permanent cure for arthritis. I will not hesitate to go back to see Sue as and when it becomes necessary. Thanks Sue for all your understanding and help!"



"I first saw Sue when I had messed around from one therapy to another. My back was a total mess. Sue discovered that the problem was not my back at all but it was imbalance due to abdominal muscle weakness. I am now out of pain and only see Sue when it starts to niggle."



"I went to Lewisham Osteopathy as a last resort and I'm so glad I did. I had a 'shoulder impingement' but after a few treatments and some exercises prescribed by Sue I'm back to my normal self!"